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Hi guys, I said I’m going to be more active on the blog but there is a reason why I have not posted anything. I am in the process of organizing and decluttering things I own. Truthfully, I don’t think I own a lot of stuffs in comparison to others. But I really want to remove unnecessary things. In other words, just like what Marie Kondo stated from her book of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, “Get rid of things that do not spark joy”.

Whenever a new season starts, I like to “organize” things, but now I realized that organizing is not enough. You can organize stuffs you don’t need but they are going to stay there unused, just like with my make-up collections. I still hang on to lipsticks I don’t use thinking of maybe I’ll use them in the future. Who am I kidding? I will never use them. It’s quite a long process but I’m glad I started doing this. It’s really hard to throw things, especially when something is not broken. I find that I am having the hardest time getting rid of books and clothes. At the moment, I have already taken many of them out of my closet and only kept those clothes I am sure I will wear. I did the same thing with shoes and accessories.

Am I trying to live a minimalist life? Maybe. I am not really sure. I still love shopping (lol) but I want to become a smart shopper. All I know for now is that I want to have less things because I feel that having too much things is affecting my whole being.

Anyway, talk to you later. Sorry, I’m also busy with work and I am going to start another semester in about a week,

Have a nice weekend! What are your thoughts about becoming a minimalist? Is it something that sparks your interest?