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I wanted to share these products with you guys because they’re amazing. Lately, my skin has been really good to me that I don’t really need to wear foundation, concealer and powder are good enough. But on days when I want to have a more flawless looking skin, I rely on these foundations.

If you know me, my all time favourite foundation is the Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation. But right now, the shade I have is too light for my skintone, therefore, I’ve searched for an alternative. As I’ve heard many good things about L’oreal’s Pro-Matte foundation from others, I wanted to give it a try. While shopping, I noticed that they now have the Pro-Glow version. Since these foundations are not expensive, I bought both of them.

Now let’s talk about these foundations. For a reference, the current state of my skin is normal, sometimes I have dry patches. Generally, I can wear both type of foundations.

When my skin looks normal or for those days I will be out for a long time, I usually use the Pro-Matte. It is a “matte” foundation but not as matte as the EL Double Wear. I consider this to be in between satin and matte finish. It goes on smooth and blends nicely. I really like the look of this foundation on my skin. It has a decent medium coverage. It does not totally cover pimples or acne scars but it blurs them, a little addition of a concealer would fix the problem. And if you’re looking for a foundation that lasts long, this stays all day on the skin.

On days when my skin is a bit dry, Pro-Glow is the foundation I use. Since Pro-Matte tends to accentuate dry patches on the skin, I like using Pro-Glow as a substitute. This foundation has a medium coverage and it blends so seamlessly on the skin. It has a dewy finish which you can tone down by using a powder. This does not last as long as the Pro-Matte foundation but it stays for many hours especially with a good setting powder. But this feels more lightweight compared to the latter. You just have to be careful on squeezing the product out of the tube because this foundation is quite watery.

Overall, these foundations are really great and worth the price you pay for them. They’re not cheap but they are more affordable compared to high-end foundations. I’m glad I’ve found some good products from the drugstore! What are your current favourite bases? What do you think of these foundations?

Talk to you soon. 🙂