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Do you think that everything would have been different if you had it at another age? The age at which we are a mother for the first time determines the way we face motherhood. The advantages or disadvantages that we find, our positions and extenuations, our surpasses and slips are due, in many cases, to the age at which we become mothers.

What is the best age? Biologically between 25 and 30 years old, emotionally, each one is a world.

Characteristics of the adolescent mother

Adolescent pregnancy has, in a few years, become a public health problem in many countries. Today it is estimated that there are about 13 million pregnancies in girls between 15 and 19 years old around the world. A figure that has grown exponentially and that seriously worries the health administrations.

– A girl is not physically prepared to be a mother, and those pregnancies pose a risk to her health.

– They are also not prepared at the intellectual level, and there is a high rate of school failure, depression, poverty and low self-esteem in these girls. And it is that they have not finished their studies and there is a high percentage that does not take them back or fails to try it. If you are going to work, you will do it in a job that does not require experience or demonstrate studies. Low-skilled employment and low income.

– While her friends go out, study, travel and have fun, she takes care of her baby, which can cause dissatisfaction and frustration.

– She was still in the care of her parents when she became pregnant therefore she lacks a lot of vital information, from how to take a healthy diet to how to take care of another person, although well focused can make them to the next point and take advantage of it …

– It is forced to grow and mature before time. She acquires responsibilities and faces more difficult situations than her friends, so she is more and better prepared for the difficulties of life.

– He is young; he has greater energy to play and have a good time with his son, the age gap is much lower than in other mothers, and this can lead to a greater understanding and a relationship.

– Their children face a more significant lack of protection if they are only in their care, although they often enjoy the security of their grandparents. However, they feel great empathy for what happens to them, since yesterday they were living the same thing.

How are mothers between 20 and 35 years old?

According to the experts, and looking at it merely from the biological point of view, the best age to be a mother because there are fewer complications in pregnancy and postpartum is between 25 and 30 years.

– It is, according to experts, the best time at a physical level to have a baby. You have more chances to conceive and a lower risk of having a child with physical problems.

– They have not yet fully developed in their profession, but they are young and can resume their careers without fear of being left out of the labor market. They can also continue studying; they have enough energy to be able to do everything.

– They are in a moment of physical fulfillment, with overwhelming energy, they are young, and they do not tire so much the care of their children.

– They reach 40 with their children already raised and can live a second youth, taking time to enjoy their children without giving up trips, dinners or escapades.

– Experts warn us about the education that middle-aged parents are giving today as they lack rules and limits. However, they enjoy a balance between mind and body that allows them to face motherhood with more patience and vitality.

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After the age of 35

It is a fact that in recent years the number of mothers over the age of 30 has grown. So much so that, for example in the United Kingdom, more than 50% of babies born have mothers over 30 years. And, in Spain, 60% of mothers have their first child between 30 and 39 years.

– After 35 years, the risks of pregnancy increase. There is more risk of spontaneous abortion and chromosomal abnormalities in the baby. It also increases the possibility of suffering from diseases such as hypertension or gestational diabetes.

– Women have had time to develop in their profession, achieve goals, dedicate themselves. They know the labor market, its advantages, and disadvantages, its priority is not so much to be done in a job but to do it more globally and integrally.

– The years provide us, in addition to wrinkle experience, which is effectively the mother of science. They face the obstacles presented by the care of children with more emotional resources. They have more confidence and confidence in themselves, and this applies to the upbringing of children. Motherhood in the quarantine can be physically exhausting, but mentally you are well equipped for it.

– You do not want to lie down to play with the children, nor do you have the same energy to suffer the dozens of sleepless nights. Age passes a bill.