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Hi guys! I finally had the chance to sit down and write something. As I like to think, life has been quite busy lately. Isn’t it the best excuse of bloggers when they suddenly take a hiatus from blogging? Anyway, I go to school and work during the weekdays and my weekends are usually the days I spend time with my family. I also spend time with my boyfriend who is really busy during the week at work, therefore, weekends are our quality time.

I feel so bad that this blog has taken a backseat for a long time since the start of the semester. Truth to be told, I felt like there was nothing exciting for me to share here. I bought some make-up, clothes and other things for the past few months but I didn’t feel excited to share them. There were some ideas but I never really work on accomplishing them. The lack of motivation for this blog is really making me sad. I really want to get back on my feet and feel the blogging vibe again. I don’t want to abandon it forever as I feel like I already put a lot of effort on this little online space of mine. From finding layouts, learning html and coding, editing pictures etc, the time I spent on this blog was not a joke. I love this blog!

I know that it is not impossible for me to make time for this blog. With proper time management, it’s feasible. Another thing I have been thinking lately is the direction where I want to take my blog. I’m gathering some ideas for now and hopefully, I’ll be able to come out with a plan that I can incorporate the things I love and enjoy about life.

For some good news, remember my last post in August about decluttering things? I think I’m pretty much done, I have less stuffs but I feel happier. It’s so easy to get ready in the morning because I like all the clothes that are currently on my closet. I also managed to organize my socks and undergarments, sounds crazy but it really makes a difference in my life. I was also able to declutter and organize personal documents and school papers. It feels great to have a more organized room! I also plan to organize things on my computer and my cellphone.

Anyway, I’ll keep this short because I plan to share more things on my next blog’s posts! Can you believe that Christmas is only few weeks away and the year is coming to an end! How time flies….

Talk you soon. 🙂