The Best of Sintra: The mystical Quinta da Regaleira

Enchanting, mysterious and romantic are the words I immediately think when describing this place. If you're planning to visit Sintra someday, this is a must place to go. The gothic residence is beautiful itself but the gardens are what you will enjoy the most because there are lots of things to see. There are underground grottos, little towers to climb and a labyrinth of connecting passages that W and I explored. The former owners of this estate lived in such a magical place! This area is the perfect location to shoot a fairytale movie or even a "horror" movie as it also has a bit of eerie feel (lol).

The Magical Town of Sintra

The most memorable part of our Europe trip was our day trip to Sintra, Portugal. This town is so magical and I would really love to visit this place again in the future. It was just breathtakingly beautiful and a day was not enough to cover all the lovely places you can find in this town. Ideally, I think two days should be spent exploring Sintra. We were able to visit two castles ( Pena Palace and the Moorish Castle) and a gothic mansion (Quinta da Regaleira). I'm going to write separate posts to show the beauty of each places we visited in this little town.

Beauty | Mac & Sephora Haul

make-up summer haul, becca opal, lolita lipstick, smashbox primerAs I mentioned on my previous post, it's not like I don't like make-up anymore that I don't really talk about them often on the blog. I just want my page to have more diversity, not only because there are other things I would like to share on the blog, moreover,  I know that I wouldn't be able to keep up with other beauty bloggers who can splurge on make-up all the time. Frankly, I still consider my consumption of make-up to be quite excessive. After this post, I have more hauls to share as I also bought some beauty products from the drugstore. I have some new favorites makeups from NYX!

Without further ado, I want to share my hauls from Mac and Sephora.

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