Exploring Belem: Belem Tower

Hi guys, hope you all had a nice weekend! Today's another travel post on the blog. Whenever I look at our pictures from our trip, it appears to me that we really had the best time in Portugal. It's such a wonderful country! You should definitely add it into your travel bucket list! The places we visited were incredible.I'm dreaming of visiting other places in the country such as Porto and the beautiful beaches in Algarve, I heard these regions are breathtaking.

Exploring Belem: Portugal's Age of Discovery

We had such a beautiful weather on our day trip to Belem, the sky was so blue. After visiting the Monastery of St. Jeronimos, lunch at some random restaurant on the street and having the best custard tart in Lisbon at a quiet park, we went to see the famous Age of Exploration monuments which are just a walking distance from Pasteis de Belem. Belem's tourist attractions are so close to each other and because the weather during the time of our visit was really nice, walking outside was just delightful.

Pastéis de Belém: The best Portuguese custard tarts!

Every travel blog I read states that "A visit to Lisbon is not complete without a visit to Pastéis de Belém." And they are right, I had the best custard tart of my entire life at this bakery! Just like what others expressed, I would go as far as to say you shouldn't go to Lisbon without trying it. By the way, they call these tarts "pasteis de nata" and they are so delicious, I dare say that they are even more mouthwatering than the pastries I had at Angelina, Paris. I'm looking for a place here in Montreal that makes these kind of tarts but sadly, I haven't found one yet.

Day trip to Belem: Visiting the Monastery of St. Jeronimos

So, I thought I could possibly write an entire post about our trip to Belém but I think it's better to divide it into different parts just like what I did about our trip to Versailles. I'm the type of reader who likes to see more pictures on travel blogs because it inspires me. So please allow me to share more pictures! :D Now let's talk about this day trip. Belém is Lisbon's most monumental and historical area, therefore it's a must when visiting the capital. In order to get here, we took the tram 15 from downtown Lisbon which takes around 20-25 minutes if I remember correctly. We started our trip to Belém by visiting this famous old monastery called Mosteiro dos Jerónimos in Portuguese.

The Beautiful City of Lisbon

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Lisbon was definitely the most enjoyable part of our European Trip. Don't get me wrong, I love Paris so much. I just feel like I didn't fully enjoy it because we only had 4 1/2 days there while it's a BIG CITY!  We spent a total of 5 1/2 days in Lisbon including some wonderful day trips to Belem, Cascais and Sintra, Portugal. I can't wait to share about these towns later on the blog. In comparison, we were more relax in Lisbon compared with the time we spent in Paris. Just like a first time tourist or a traveler, I wanted to see many things in the beautiful city of love hence we were always on the go, we were always on our feet exploring. Next time I go to Paris, it will be a more pleasant trip. :)

Anyway, here's some pictures from the charming Lisbon. I don't hear or read many things about the city and it's a shame because I think it's so UNDERRATED! At first, it wasn't really a city I look forward to visit  because I'm so basic sometimes, I want to see the popular places first hehe. It was chosen by my bf because he never had the chance to visit a place in Portugal yet. Thanks a lot to my lovveee! It was such a wonderful trip, Lisbon is such a mesmerizing place.

There is just something about this city that is so endearing, maybe because the people are extremely friendly ( if you're from Portugal and reading this, "MUITO OBRIGADO") and oh the food is so great! It's kind of a hippie city in Europe and I love it so much. It's so different from cities like London and Paris. I think the most gorgeous pictures of our travel are from Lisbon! You'll see why on my next posts about this idyllic city of Portugal. I'm so in love with this city!

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