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Demeter perfume review

I was lucky to try these fragrances when CBB started a campaign with Demeter Fragrance Library Company. I always see reviews of these perfumes from other Canadian bloggers and I'm really curious how they smell like. The packaging is so simple but eye catching. What's interesting is that they have so many varieties of perfumes. They have a huge collection of floral and sweet scents and if you visit their website, you'll find the oddest and most unique perfumes out there. There's one that is called "DIRT'', hahaha sounds weird eh? I wonder how that one would smell like.

A little bit of luxury

Best Lip Products
Hello! Today, I'm sharing the recent additions on my beauty stash! Honestly, my beauty stash has been boring lately. I'm giving some love to products that I have right now before buying new ones. That being said, I'm always open to receiving beauty gifts! Hehe These two lovely products have been on my wishlist for quite some time now and I'm so happy that I finally have these in my beauty collection. By the way, before we continue to the main topic, I want to take this chance thank people who read and leave comments on my blog. I'm sorry if I couldn't reply on some comments because I'm busy with school. Luckily, my blog wont' be so quiet because I've prepared some blog posts to share on the blog for the next coming weeks. Anyway, without further ado, let's talk about these wonderful new treats!

A Parisian experience: Angelina

Visiting Angelina for their famous hot chocolate called “L’Africain” was one of the things I had to do in Paris. Okay, to be honest, I have an unending list of things to do in Paris. PARREEE! I'll be back for you! Anyway, back to the main topic, Angelina was a delightful experience we did in Paris...ahhh maybe just me! lol  My boyfriend does not like sweets, so I had to drag him to eat desserts with me at this place. :D It was apparently Audrey Hepburn's favorite cafe, therefore,therefore it's a must whilst in Paris! :D

Introducing OGX Beauty New Line of Products

Last week, I attended a beauty event in Montreal. It was my first time attending a media event and it was quite a fun experience! OGX Beauty introduced us their brand new 2016 product innovations and it was really exciting to know more about them. I love their hair products so much that I was really delighted to discover their new collection. One of my favourite shampoos is their Sea Mineral Moisture. I've also tried their coconut conditioner before and it was also amazing. 

Healthier Hair with Lush Dry Shampoo

The title is a bit confusing, isn't it? Let me explain my story. (sounds so serious, lol) I have found the one! Can you feel my excitement guys? The backstory behind this? I wash my hair everyday! I know what you're thinking, "You're damaging your hair, lady!". I know, I know......Anyway, I've found a hair savior! Here comes *drumroll* "Lush No Drought dry shampoo"! Now, I can manage not to wash my hair forever! Just kidding. :D

Paris Trip: Palais-Royal

Palais Royal
Does this place look familiar? When we were in Paris, we didn't plan to go see this old palace. But on our way to the Louvre, we stumbled upon Palais Royal across Rue de Rivoli. I've seen so many pictures of this place before, but I wasn't really eager to see it. I'm really glad we found this place by accident, a total serendipity indeed!

It's a beautiful place hidden in the center of the city. The magnificent building was the residence of the late Cardinal Richelieu. The buildings are now being used by Constitutional Council and the Ministry of Culture as well as the National Library. The palace was surrounded by a beautiful garden that nicely complimented the buildings around. There are some interesting sculpture installation inside the garden and the trees were lined up orderly which makes the park really charming.

The launch of V19.69 Italia Jewelry

Hi lovelies! I recently got contacted by Delmar Jewelers and I got to pick a pair of earrings to share on my blog. I picked up this sterling silver with gold from their latest jewelry line V19.69 Italia . The style is called "moonlight" and I really like it. It's pretty and has an understated elegance. You can dress up a casual outfit with these pretty earrings. Of course, you can also wear them with your favorite dress for an evening date for a more sophisticated look. I can't usually wear any kind of earrings on my ears for a long time because I tend to have some allergic reaction but this earrings were totally fine, I can wear them all day long. It's light and very comfortable to wear. 

January Favourites!

Hi guys! The month of January went by so fast, it's crazy! I didn't even post anything about New Year on this blog yet. There are many things I want to talk about but I find it difficult to create things. I need more blogging props but I don't know where to start. I also don't have a lot of time because I'm busy with school and also I want to dedicate more of my free time into reading books and improving some aspects of my life. I don't want my blog to be a source of stress, I made it to be my creative outlet. So for now, I decided to just have fun with this little internet space of mine and just post things whenever I can. Today, I want to share my January Favourites, the things I love so much from last month!

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