Facial Oils ( Jojoba and Vitamin E Oil) from Eden Semilla

I started using facial oils on my face few years ago and I really like them. I love using oils on my face especially during the colder months when my skin becomes drier because of the freezing weather. I had the chance to try some facial oils from Eden's Semilla. In my recent post, you know that I promised myself that I will take good care of my skin  consistency! They key on having a great skin is consistency. I like trying skin care products but I have the habit of being lazy at night and forget about them. In addition to my facial masks, I've been trying products that would work on my skin. These two facial oils (Vitamin E and Jojoba)  came at the perfect time! These are multi-purpose oils, which means they can be used not just as facial oil. You can use them for your hair and nails as well. Awesome right? I shared these products to my mom and she loves them!

Let's talk about Jojoba oil first. This oil is probably one of the most popular oil in the market right now. Often, you'll find jojoba oil as one of the ingredients in your favourite skin care products. According to specialists, jojoba oil is not actually an oil but a wax ester which is similar to human skin's sebum. It can trick the skin into thinking that it is producing enough sebum that results into a balance oil skin production. This explains why it doesn't feel "oily" on the skin. This Jojoba oil feels so light and absorbs well. I use this at night as a moisturizer and I wake up with a well moisturized skin in the morning. If you have an oily skin, I can see this working for your skin type as it doesn't clog pores. This is also great for hair, Jojoba is one of the oils recommended for hair. It could be an alternative of coconut oil.

Out of these two oils, I was more intrigue to try this Vitamin E oil because it's not as popular as the jojoba oil. Before, all I know is that Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant. Based on my research, it has an anti-aging effect since it could help block free radicals that caused the skin to age. When I found that out, I thought this would be great for my mom, hence I forced her to use this on her skin. :D What attracted me into using it on my face is that it also has a brightening effect and that's what I need to save my skin from looking dull! Yes? Well, it's too early to tell if it really makes my skin brighter but so far, I love using this oil on my face. This facial oil also contains Jojoba and Rosehip oil. There's practically three types on oil in the bottle. It doesn't feel thick and dries quickly. I would say that argan oil even feels heavier on the skin than this one. Just like my experience with the Jojoba Oil, my skin feels moisturized whenever I use it.

PS: You have to be careful when buying natural facial oil. Eden Semilla's Jojoba oil is Jojoba Oil is 100% natural, pure and organic, while their Vitamin E oil is 100% extracted from plants naturally rich in Vitamin E. The packaging of these products are so simple, thus they are really easy to use especially they come with a dropper. I'm really excited to see what more of these facial oils can do for my skin! 

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