My current favourite masks.

Few months ago, I was shopping at Sephora for some make-up products. I was looking for something I can put on my face when I'm in a rush.  I wanted to try this new powder foundation from Bare Minerals. During that time, I thought my skin was pretty good. It was not flawless but I was acne free. A make-up consultant at Sephora helped me with the powder and told me that I really need to exfoliate my skin. Hahaha The problem about my skin was its dullness and it really needed some exfoliation. The powder didn't look nice on me because my face had patches of dead skin. I was aware that my skin was dull but I thought it was only because I've been sleeping late almost every night and maybe a good night sleep will fix it all.
According to her, I have a lot of dead skin cells hence my skin looks dull and a bit rough. I admit that I'm really lazy when it comes to my skin care regimen. I usually just wash my face with a cleanser and slap on some moisturizer. Sometimes, I would put some serum and face oil when I feel like it. I've used face masks on my face but not consistently. I've tried some masks  in the past but I've completely stopped using them on my face because of laziness. 

So, that day, I also went to the skin care section and bought something to help my skin problem. She suggested to start with Origins' Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay. It's a two-in-one mask that helps refine skin's texture. It has the ability to exfoliate skin as it contains jojoba beads.

So far, this mask has been so good for my skin. Every time I use this product, my face feels so smooth and clean. My face looks brighter! I love putting make-up on after using this because products such as liquid foundation or powders goes on smoothly. This dries quickly but it's a bit of a hassle to clean the face because the clay really clings on the skin. Another mask I've been loving is the Ole Henriksen's Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask which I got from one of my Sephora points perks. It also works as an exfoliator as it contains some fine little sugar granules which helps scrub some dead skin cells off the skin. This ones feels more hydrating compared to the Origins' mask. They are both nice and works really well for my skin.

After using these masks on my face CONSISTENTLY, I now learned the importance of including a mask on your face. I use them at least twice a week and I see the difference they make on my skin's texture and appearance. I made a promised to myself that I will take care of my skin more and not just focus on make-up. What are you favourite masks? Any other recommendations?

Thumbs up for masks! 

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