The Magical Town of Sintra

The most memorable part of our Europe trip was our day trip to Sintra, Portugal. This town is so magical and I would really love to visit this place again in the future. It was just breathtakingly beautiful and a day was not enough to cover all the lovely places you can find in this town. Ideally, I think two days should be spent exploring Sintra. We were able to visit two castles ( Pena Palace and the Moorish Castle) and a gothic mansion (Quinta da Regaleira). I'm going to write separate posts to show the beauty of each places we visited in this little town.

We left Lisbon early in the morning because I want to see many places as much as we can. The journey takes around 40 minutes from Lisbon's central Rossio station to Sintra. A round-trip ticket costs 4.30 euros which is relatively cheap. Now, there are different ways to explore Sintra. You can take a bus tour or explore the town by walking. We choose the latter and it was a wonderful experience. Once we arrived at Sintra's station, we walked around 1km to reach the town's center.

Once you reach the town's center, you'll find plenty of restaurants and souvenir shops. The National Palace of Sintra is in the heart of the town's center. It's hard to miss because this white gothic palace is simply magnificent. Sadly, we didn't get the chance to visit the palace inside but we heard that it was a wonderful place to visit. We just took some pictures in front of the palace. Aside from the castles we saw, the whole landscape of Sintra is just so beautiful. The town is so vibrant and has so much character. I felt so happy and lively during our visit!

Here are the things you can visit in Sintra:

What we visited: Pena Palace, Moorish Castle and Quinta Regaleira
Others we missed: National Palace (only saw the outside part of the building), Monseratte Palace and Seteais Palace ( these two palaces are the smallest)

Now you know why this town is so magical. It's literally a fairytale town! I highly suggest to walk to the special destinations as I believe that you are going to appreciate the beauty of this town more than just taking the bus tour. We only took a bus to go back to the town's center because we were already tired at the end of the day.

Anyway, I'm so glad that I'm able to post about travel again. I'm sorry it took me awhile because it takes time to re-size pictures and although these pictures don't really need to be edited, I prefer to enhance and make them appear better for the blog.

Hope you enjoy this post and have a nice week guys!


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