The Best of Sintra: The mystical Quinta da Regaleira

Enchanting, mysterious and romantic are the words I immediately think when describing this place. If you're planning to visit Sintra someday, this is a must place to go. The gothic residence is beautiful itself but the gardens are what you will enjoy the most because there are lots of things to see. There are underground grottos, little towers to climb and a labyrinth of connecting passages that W and I explored. The former owners of this estate lived in such a magical place! This area is the perfect location to shoot a fairytale movie or even a "horror" movie as it also has a bit of eerie feel (lol).

I'm really glad that we did our research before going to Sintra. A lot of people only get to see the Pena Palace when visiting as it is the most popular palace to see in town. Quinta Regaleira will offer you a different but also a delightful experience. If I'm not mistaken, we only paid 6 Euros each for the entrance fee and you get to see everything the estate has to offer.

In this photo, I was climbing the stairs to the top of the infamous Initiation Well also known as the ‘Inverted Tower’. This tower consists of winding stair architecture. It's not easy to find this place, I suggest to keep the map they give you at the entrance because the garden of Quinta da Regaleira is not easy to navigate. You have to see this tower as it is something to wonder. 

I remember W & I waited for people to go to get this solo shot. :D Haha 

Tunnels to explore, it connects to different parts of the garden. Aside from the inverted tower, you'll also see some little ones where light peaks through therefore, it won't be too dark to explore the underground.

My favourite part of the garden is this waterfalls, it was so beautiful there.

We didn't really take pictures inside the residence. I have to say it didn't impress me aside from the nice Manueline architecture. You have to go on top of the mansion where the chimneys are located as there is a sort of terrasse where you can see a wonderful view of Sintra. You can see The Castle of the Moors and Pena Palace from there as seen on my photo above.

We were on our way to see the Pena Palace which was also such a wonderful place. Stay tune, I'll try to also post our pictures from the colourful palace this week!

This was by far one of the best parts of out trip to Portugal. We had a fantastic time walking around the site and enjoyed the excitement of walking around the dark caves. This place is more than an adventure than an attraction.


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