Day trip to Belem: Visiting the Monastery of St. Jeronimos

So, I thought I could possibly write an entire post about our trip to Belém but I think it's better to divide it into different parts just like what I did about our trip to Versailles. I'm the type of reader who likes to see more pictures on travel blogs because it inspires me. So please allow me to share more pictures! :D Now let's talk about this day trip. Belém is Lisbon's most monumental and historical area, therefore it's a must when visiting the capital. In order to get here, we took the tram 15 from downtown Lisbon which takes around 20-25 minutes if I remember correctly. We started our trip to Belém by visiting this famous old monastery called Mosteiro dos Jerónimos in Portuguese.

The design and architecture of this building is so magnificent. It was something I have never seen before in other cities. It's a really beautiful type of architecture and different from others. I did a little research and I learned that the Jerónimos Monastery is a marvelous example of a Manueline architecture masterpiece, a Portuguese Late Gothic style of architecture that incorporates maritime elements and representations of the discoveries into architectural ornamentation using limestone. Portugal is one of the countries which first explored and started worldwide expeditions and one of their famous explorer was Vasco da Gama.


Important information

How to get there: Tram 15 departs from Praça da Figueira in Baixa or bus 714
Opening hours: 10AM-5PM (Oct.-April), 10AM-6PM (May-Sept.) (Closed Mondays) 
Entrance fee: 6 euros
We're so glad we didn't miss visiting inside! It cost us 6 euros each which is cheap compared to the landmarks tickets we bought in Paris and London. Even though there's nothing much to see inside, I was really impressed with all the intricate details in this old building. The Monastery is an important part of Portuguese's culture and identity. You'll find the stone tombs of Vasco da Gama and other Portuguese's historical figures inside the monastery. The exquisite stonework and beautiful carvings and cloisters will definitely charm your eyes. The place has a quiet ambiance that is calming and inspirational. The building is so old but it's very well kept. It was a lovely visit for us indeed! We really enjoyed the the craftmanship and beauty of this monastery.

And here's what they call "tuk tuk"cars which mainly attracts tourists! We rode one for free when we were in Sintra. This driver offered it for free because we were already close to our destination. It was a fun ride although this car is quiet loud with the exaggerated "BROOM-BROOM" sound! Hehehe Did I already mention that Portuguese are so friendly? 

Have a nice week guys! I'll be back with another post soon. <3

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