Paris Trip: Palais-Royal

Palais Royal
Does this place look familiar? When we were in Paris, we didn't plan to go see this old palace. But on our way to the Louvre, we stumbled upon Palais Royal across Rue de Rivoli. I've seen so many pictures of this place before, but I wasn't really eager to see it. I'm really glad we found this place by accident, a total serendipity indeed!

It's a beautiful place hidden in the center of the city. The magnificent building was the residence of the late Cardinal Richelieu. The buildings are now being used by Constitutional Council and the Ministry of Culture as well as the National Library. The palace was surrounded by a beautiful garden that nicely complimented the buildings around. There are some interesting sculpture installation inside the garden and the trees were lined up orderly which makes the park really charming.

I had a fond memory at this place.We had a little chit chat with a lady. She was so friendly and happily told us:"You're in Paris, you can be anything. There is no place for hesitation here. " That made my experience more special in Paris, the people were friendly contrary to some of the things I've heard from others.

The famous symmetrical checkerboard plaza! This place provides some photographic opportunities.  I remember I saw this place many times on Instagram but forgot what the place is called, turned out it's part of Palais Royal courtyard! This is a great place to hang out especially if you have kids with you because it's fun to play hop, skip and jump on these checkerboard blocks. 

Overall, this is a great place to stop, walk, sit, eat and people watch!I'm really glad we stumbled upon this charming place in Paris. It's worth a visit if you have more time visiting the city.

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