January Favourites!

Hi guys! The month of January went by so fast, it's crazy! I didn't even post anything about New Year on this blog yet. There are many things I want to talk about but I find it difficult to create things. I need more blogging props but I don't know where to start. I also don't have a lot of time because I'm busy with school and also I want to dedicate more of my free time into reading books and improving some aspects of my life. I don't want my blog to be a source of stress, I made it to be my creative outlet. So for now, I decided to just have fun with this little internet space of mine and just post things whenever I can. Today, I want to share my January Favourites, the things I love so much from last month!

Adult Coloring Book  (Lost Ocean) - This is one of my Christmas gifts from my wonderful boyfriend and it was the best thing I've received last holiday!  This makes me feel like a kid at heart. I know this is a trend right now and that might put you off from buying one but it's  really wonderful.If you're a super busy person, this is a nice hobby for you. It does not take a lot of time and it awakens your creativity from within. I like to squeeze in at least 15-20 minutes of coloring every night and it calms me. It's not just a coloring book, it's a therapy!

My Crystal Necklace - This necklace was from the beautiful city of Prague. If you've been to Prague, you know that there are so many stores selling crystals. I'm not sure if this is real because it was pretty inexpensive. Regardless, this is so precious for me because it was given by my bf from such a romantic place. I love wearing this with plain shirts because it really stands out, it's simple but lovely!

Tarte Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette - I did a full review on this palette last year, if you're interested here's the link.  Most of my eye shadow palettes contain shimmery eye shadows. I'm so glad I have this palette because it contains matte eye shadows that I can incorporate with shimmery eye shadows to balance out an eye make-up look. Each eye shadows on this palette has a buttery texture, they're a little powdery but it does not really bother me. It's worth every penny I spent on it!

MAC Gingerly Blush - I hit pan on this blush which calls for a celebration because I rarely hit pan on my make-up products. It's the perfect matte neutral blush that you can wear any season of the year. It looks like a boring color but it looks beautiful and natural on the skin especially when you pair it with your favorite highlighter.  The best thing about this blush is that it goes with any kind of look, smokey eye, bold lip color, neutral look etc., you don't have to worry about the blush you'll be using if you have this blush in your collection.

Tony Moly Magic Delight Lip Tint - I got this in the summer time but only really use it now. I really like this lip tint, unlike other lip tints, this one is moisturizing on the lips. It has a texture of a lip balm and has a glossy finish. The shade I have is called "red berry", it becomes a vivid reddish pink color when applied on the lips. It's really nice to wear during these colder months, a staple in my makeup bag.

These were my favorites last month! Let me know your January favorites in the comment box bellow. Have a great week!

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