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Demeter perfume review

I was lucky to try these fragrances when CBB started a campaign with Demeter Fragrance Library Company. I always see reviews of these perfumes from other Canadian bloggers and I'm really curious how they smell like. The packaging is so simple but eye catching. What's interesting is that they have so many varieties of perfumes. They have a huge collection of floral and sweet scents and if you visit their website, you'll find the oddest and most unique perfumes out there. There's one that is called "DIRT'', hahaha sounds weird eh? I wonder how that one would smell like.

Honestly, because Demeter's fragrances are affordable, I assumed that they would smell like those perfumes from Bath and Body Works or Victoria Secrets that are full of chemicals. Sorry, but I really think their perfumes smell  so artificial. I thought these perfumes would be the the same but surprisingly, they don't and I'm so happy because my nose is really sensitive.

Demeter perfume review
I was sent over their Vanilla Foolproof Blending Trio, which contains Angel Food, Hawaiian Vanilla and Gingerbread. Sounds Yummy? hahaha These perfumes smells so edible, it will make your crave for cakes or sweet pastries. These perfumes give me that warm and fuzzy feeling because they smell so sweet! 

Angel Food: This one smells literally like cake. It's sugary sweet but not too much. It has this faded vanilla scent and some other sweet scents I can't really recognized. Maybe some sweet cookies? Overall, it's an endearing perfume.

Hawaiian Vanilla: A sweet soft vanilla fragrance that is not overbearing. It has a hint of fruity floral scent unlike Angel Cake that just smells sweet. 

Gingerbread: I love this! It smells delicious and a legit gingerbread scent! Warm and a little spicy, this reminds me of Christmas time and it's nice to wear during this cold season.

Demeter perfume review
Demeter sent us their Foolproof Blending Trios which allows us to have our own custom perfume. This set contain two bottle of fragrances ( Jasmine and Lavender) and an empty bottle. I mixed these two floral scents together using the empty bottle and it was quiet a lovely smell. Oh that was fun! It reminds me of my chemistry laboratory classes where we would experiment mixing chemicals and solutions.

Here's a breakdown of how these two perfumes smell like:

Jasmine: This is such a lovely scent, it's so relaxing! It simply smells like a beautiful jasmine flower which I think makes this perfume a classic.

Lavender: Just like jasmine, this one smells like the lavender flowers. No extra scents or whatsoever, just pure lavender. It smells clean and fresh. I use this as a room spray too. :)

I'm having such a fun experience using these perfume. I'm impressed on how none of these irritated my sense of smell. You can try so many of their overwhelming selections of perfumes at an affordable price. So far, I think these are great!

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