A Parisian experience: Angelina

Visiting Angelina for their famous hot chocolate called “L’Africain” was one of the things I had to do in Paris. Okay, to be honest, I have an unending list of things to do in Paris. PARREEE! I'll be back for you! Anyway, back to the main topic, Angelina was a delightful experience we did in Paris...ahhh maybe just me! lol  My boyfriend does not like sweets, so I had to drag him to eat desserts with me at this place. :D It was apparently Audrey Hepburn's favorite cafe, therefore,therefore it's a must whilst in Paris! :D

First of all, I have to say that we enjoyed our experience at this restaurant. The service was good and the interior design was truly beautiful. The hot chocolate definitely lived up to my expectation. I never had anything like it before, it is definitely unique to my taste. L'Africain is composed of three kinds of African cocoa from Niger, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. I wouldn't say that it was the best hot chocolate in the world but it's something special.We weren't able to finish it because it was too thick for us to consume it all at one seating. It literally tasted like a pure melted chocolate. hehe My boyfriend had few sips but didn't want to help me finish the jar. When I said he doesn't like sweets at all, I kid you not!
Angelina has the most incredible selection of desserts. Just look how inticate those details are on those pastries, they look so delicious. I ordered one of their famous pastries called "Mont-Blanc", although unique, I didn't like. I wasn't fond of the toppings which has a cookie dough texture. I prefer what my boyfriend ordered which is a strawberry tart. It was scrumptious!

We went to the Rivoli branch which is the restaurant's head tea room, it's close to the Tuileries Gardens. There weren't that many people when we were there, hence we didn't have to wait for seats. They are open from 7:30a.m. (from 8:30a.m. on weekends & holidays). Their food is expensive but I guess you're paying for the experience! I don't mind going back on my next trip to Paris. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures above and it was not my intention to make you crave for sweets! :D

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