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I've been such a good girl ( saying this makes me want to sing Shakira's song Underneath your clothes, "FOR BEING SUCH A GOOD GIRL HONEY", anyone? LOL ). I've been really good when it comes to spending these past months. I stopped 
myself from buying unnecessary things but I know that this habit would not last forever, sometimes you just gotta treat yourself with some goodies. Do you agree? :D Today, I'm sharing you the things I bought recently. I was feeling spendy at Sephora few weeks ago so I bought some Nars beauty products. I also bought myself some lifestyle essentials.

Paris Trip: The Louvre Part II

Aphrodite of  Milos
Hi guys, how are you? Hope you are all doing great! I haven't post on the blog but today I feel inspired (breaking out of the blogging rut). I know many of us were heartbroken about what happened in Paris. I am sincerely hoping for peace not just in France but in the whole world especially countries in Europe, Middle East Asia and Africa that are currently having terrorist crisis.  Anyway, back to the main topic of this post, I want to continue talking about my experience at the Louvre.

* This is a continuation of my travel post on the Louvre, here's part I : PARIS TRIP: THE LOUVRE PART I

Paris Trip: The Louvre Part I

The Louvre, museum,  Paris Trip

If there is one place I wish I had more time to visit, it's this beautiful museum. Louvre is more than just the pyramid structure you see outside.  A collection of treasures from different parts of the world are displayed inside. I don't think you have to be an art or history lover to appreciate the place. I admit that my knowledge in history is limited but my boyfriend is a history buff, therefore the place is like a "heaven" for him. A day is not enough to see everything inside the museum but I don't think a person would love to stay there the whole day. You'll need a break because it could be an overwhelming place even for an art enthusiast! I believe that it is a place that you have to visit more than once and spend an adequate time each tour.

A little Kiko haul

When I was in Paris, I had the chance to visit a KIKO store. I was walking with my bf to see the Paris City Hall when I spotted the cosmetic shop! I heard so many good things about this makeup brand from my fellow bloggers in Europe and I was really excited to see how their products look like in person. And so, I looked at my boyfriend with my "puppy eyes" (btw, a trick that always work) and asked him to come with me and check out the store with a promise that I'm not going to buy anything. I couldn't keep that promise (lol), I did a little haul.  How could I not? The store was so inviting, and oh golly, they have a huge selection of beauty products. I didn't buy many because I had to consider the little space we have in our luggage but I'm glad with the makeups I was able to bring home.

October favourites

Hi guys, today, I like to share what I have been loving for the month of October. Can you believe we're almost at the end of the year? Are you starting to hear Christmas songs at the mall? I used to work in a store where they play Christmas songs right after Halloween! lol I'm not complaining because it's the happy time of the year! On a different note, I'm quite proud of myself for being active on the blog lately. I'm taking advantage of my free time before I hit the books for my finals in December. Anyway, let's now talk about my favourites last month before I bore you.

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