My Travel Bucket List

Hello! I'm glad to finally have a new post on my blog. Life has been kind of busy for me and I also got sick but I am now feeling better. Today, let's talk about travelling or exploring! As a family, we love to explore places in our province (Quebec, Canada) and nearby areas. Since we have kids (siblings) at home, we always try to do some activities especially during the summer. This ignited the wanderlust in me and inspired me to explore different parts of the world. One thing I want to accomplish before I die ( exaggerated, I know)  is to visit my dream destinations on Earth. My boyfriend loves to travel too, he actually gave me a travel book last Christmas (book above)! We hope to have the opportunities to travel someday. I would love to see these glorious places we see in pictures in real life and learn other cultures. Right now, I don't have the privilege to explore all of my dream places but I'm giving myself a lifetime (it means until I get old lol) to do so because there are other priorities in life that I  have to worry about too. I hope that I'll be able to keep up with this blog so I can share some interesting adventures. It's not easy to make this all happen but hey, it's okay to dream right?

My trip to the Philippines

Hi guys, I apologize for my 2 weeks of absence on the blog. I had a short trip in the Philippines but unfortunately, it wasn't for fun. My dear grandmother sadly passed away. It was an unhappy moment for our family but we are thankful that she had her last days on Earth peacefully. My dad and I stayed there for 11 days. Our time was mostly spent in the province while we spent 3 days in Manila. And because this trip does not have a purpose of leisure, I didn't have the chance to take pictures and explore places as much as I wanted to but here's some I can gladly share. I hope to go back again someday!

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