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Hi guys, how's your summer so far? The weather here in Montreal is quite moody. It was cold and raining all day yesterday. Oh summer, where art thou? Anyway, when the sun is out and shining bright, I like to have a subtle eye make-up with a bright lipstick.

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Hi guys, how are you? I apologize for my absence in the blogging world. My family recently move into a new place hence we were really busy. I was so occupied helping my parents with the renovation and moving our stuffs. Until now, there's still lots of things to do! Anyway, I'm excited to start decorating my new room which is slightly bigger than my previous one. Yayy!

Some Summer Lippies from Revlon

Hi guys, hope your weekdays went well and now enjoying a cup of coffee or having a nice Saturday errands! This is a continuation of my post last Wednesday because I'm reviewing lip products (again lol). I think I'm in a hoarding lip products phase right now and here's another two that I recently bought from the drugstore:

Make-up Forever lipstick in N10

A new lipstick in my stash is this Make-up Forever Rouge Artist Natural Moisturizing Soft Shine Lipstick in N10 ($23CAD) My boyfriend and I sometimes have these silly just for fun "bets" or random trivia questions and who ever wins will get a price. It's kind of a win win situation in my part because the only thing he asks as a reward is for me not to be "moody" for a week or so ( I'll be moody and can't help it anyway hehe... girls will be girls right?), while I usually ask for something fun. I sweetly asked him to buy me a lipstick as a price. I was going to get another MAC lipstick (I love MAC lipsticks!) but I thought of trying one from a different brand.

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