Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Veil Review

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We all want to have that glowing skin from within, don't we? So, when I saw this Josie Maran Argan Enlightement Illuminizing Veil ($36.00CAD)  at Sephora, I immediately swatch it on my hand and I fell in love with it, there is something about the lighting at Sephora that  makes make-up swatches look more special. Of course, it went home with me that day and now's the time for a review! Was my initial reaction still the same after a month of using this Josie Maran highlighter?

Sunday Musings #1: Things to do this week

Hi guys, once again,  we are starting a new week. What are you busy about? What things are you planning to do this week? At the moment, I have a lot of time on my hands since I don't have work and no school either. Sadly, my work contract ended recently and my manager couldn't renew my contract since he won't be working anymore with us. It's a bureaucracy problem and they had to let go of our department. I'm keeping my head up and I am hoping to find a new opportunity soon!

Some Blog and Life's Updates

Hello!Today's post won't be about make-up but about some updates I want to share with you. I am kind of sheepish having the title above for this post because I'm think no one would care about my life lately kind of posts. Don't get me wrong, I love this type of posts of other bloggers, they're actually one of my favorite topics to read especially if you're one of my most-liked bloggers. But I'm not sure if anyone would be interested on mine. :D By the way, the picture of flowers above are my anniversary flowers from my wonderful boyfriend. We recently celebrated our two years together :) Aren't they beautiful? 

New in my Skin Care

My skin is actually harder to maintain during spring time. My seasonal allergy is the culprit of my dry and dull skin around my nose and cheek areas. Those who are suffering from their allergy, I feel you guys! :( It's a serious matter to have congested nose and itchy eyes. I blow my nose frequently which irritates and dry my skin and therefore I need to moisturize my face more than usual! Thankfully, there are products I could use to help me fight this "dryness" caused by this allergy.  Luckily, none of these products broke me out. Even though I had few pimples, I'm pretty sure it was cause by hormonal imbalance due to the red army that comes every month exclusively to women (you know what I mean!)  and due to stressed from having my finals. Anyway, enough of my blabbers (lol). let's get on these products!

Photo diary : A day full of butterflies

Every year, Montreal's Botanical Garden hold an event called "Butterflies Go Free", wherein they let their collections of butterflies go free. This is quite exciting for us because honestly, we don't see many butterflies that much during the summer. I see bees all the time but not butterflies, it's such a splendid experience to see these creatures!

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