A Lip Perfector and a Lip Balm

Along with eyeshadows, lip products are my favourite part of my make-up collection. Right now, I'm all about having healthy looking lips. I feel a great deal of physical discomfort whenever I have dry lips, forgetting my lip balm when I'm outside the house is such a nightmare. You know when some people forget their cellphones? That's how I feel like when I don't have a lip balm with me. So, finding some good quality lip products that I could carry around with me all the time makes everyday life a little better, just kidding. But really, a simple thing like this makes a difference in your everyday routine right?

Hit and Miss Drugstore Haul

Like other ladies, I like to find some frugal options to expensive beauty products. I would like to shop more in stores like Holt Renfrew, Sephora and The Bay (similar to Macys' and Nordstrom) to add more higher-end or  mid-end beauty stuffs into my collection but I have a very limited fund (College student struggles). And of course, the perfect place to satisfy this frugality is in the drugstores hehe! Here in Canada, we have Shoppers Drug Mart,  Jean Coutu, Uniprix etc. where you can find beauty brands such as L'oreal and Maybelline that offers more affordable alternatives to higher-end beauty products. I also tend to only buy things from the drugstore when they are on sale to lessen my regret when a product fails to live up to my expectations. Anyway, without any more talk, let's get on my reviews on these:

Spring Outfit: Azure and Greens

As promised, I wanted to share some outfits on my blog. Finally, the weather allowed it to happen, 18 degree celsius makes us Canadians incredibly happy! I was able to convince my sister to take pictures of what I wear outside. 

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