A walk at Montmartre and The Sacré-Cœur Basilica

We explored Montmartre on our first day in Paris, although it was short, I really enjoyed my time in this cultured and vibrant quarter of Paris. Montmartre has a really lively atmosphere. A lovely area to stay with plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops to buy souvenirs. This northern part of Paris is located higher compared to other places in Paris. On the top of that hill is the beautiful Sacré-Coeur. Hence, many come here to see the view of the city, one cannot go to Montmartre without stopping at this beautiful church!

There are numerous steps to get to the top of the cathedral which is not a problem for us since my boyfriend and I love to walk. However, in case you have older people with you who can't climb the stairs, there is a funicular that will take you up to the foot of Sacre-Coeur and you can walk from there. When you do get to the top you will be rewarded with a wonderful panoramic view of Paris for FREE! One true thing about Montmartre that I heard from others is that it's a very touristy place,  there's lots of street vendors! While walking up to the cathedral, there were many souvenir sellers interrupting us and trying to sell trinkets and selfie sticks.  It doesn't really bother me because I think these people just simply want to earn for a living.

There are many metro stops to Montmartre. The nearest to station to go see the beautiful church is the Anvers (line 2).  You can check out this website for other options.  

The white marble church is magnificent! The beautiful architecture  of the building inside and out is  well worth the walk up the hill. They don't allow people to take photos inside but you'll enjoy taking pictures of the view outside the church. This Catholic basilica is located on the highest point of Paris and is surely one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen. 

We also had the chance to pass by Moulin Rouge. I find this part of this quarter a little seedy so we didn't really stay long. Nevertheless, the neighborhood of Montmartre is so full of culture, beauty and fun! It is one of Paris most charming quarters. Although we didn't really explore this area, I'm sure that there are so many things to do and you'll never get bored. As they say, this is where you can see local artists at work  painting at their easels. 

***I'm back! Sorry for being so quiet on the blog, I just finished finals and I'm so happy that exams are over. Hope you guys are enjoying the start of your holiday celebrations!***

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