Paris Trip: The Louvre Part II

Aphrodite of  Milos
Hi guys, how are you? Hope you are all doing great! I haven't post on the blog but today I feel inspired (breaking out of the blogging rut). I know many of us were heartbroken about what happened in Paris. I am sincerely hoping for peace not just in France but in the whole world especially countries in Europe, Middle East Asia and Africa that are currently having terrorist crisis.  Anyway, back to the main topic of this post, I want to continue talking about my experience at the Louvre.

* This is a continuation of my travel post on the Louvre, here's part I : PARIS TRIP: THE LOUVRE PART I

Do you enjoy visiting museums? Do you like looking at sculptures? Do you appreciate paintings? If you are not a history aficionado, how can you find these arts entertaining? I used to ignore classical paintings, I am referring to those paintings that portray historical events or paintings of people in the history. I didn't appreciate them because I usually love colorful stuffs and abstract paintings. At the Louvre, they have a huge collection of classical paintings. How did I not get bored? I asked my boyfriend why he loves those kind of paintings. He said something about looking at the facial expressions of those people in the painting. He finds it brilliant how a painter can portray such emotions in a canvas. In other words, you have to appreciate the details on these arts. Look at the beautiful sculptures carefully and you'll find so many beautiful intricate details! Hope you enjoy the pictures below. Sorry if some pictures aren't in great quality, they were taken from my phone.

Aphrodite of Milos or Venus is one of the most popular sculptures in the museum. It took me a while to take a picture without a huge crowd. This sculpture depicts Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty! Sadly, she's missing her arms. Whoops!

Here are some Egyptian Antiquities. 

This part of the museum is one of my favourites because I love learning about the ancient civilizations. Some of these artifacts were  from the Nile Valley dated around 4000 BC. Amazing right? These artifacts are so old and were part of some important history of world civilization. I was really fascinated by the things I saw in these rooms. 

The girly ancient stuffs! Mirrors we have now didn't even exist back then. 

                           Some of the sculptures in the museum.

The Louvre allows people to take pictures and let artists sketch or paint inside the museum. If you are visiting Paris, make time to visit this beautiful museum. A tour inside is like having a glimpse of the past, you'll discover so many amazing things in history! I'm so glad to cross this place off my bucket list. 

This is the second part of my trip to the Louvre. You can read more about this museum on the first part and find some important information such as how to get there, opening hours and museums fees. Here's the link: PARIS TRIP: THE LOUVRE PART I 

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