Make-up Edit: Lipsticks for Fall/Autumn

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I love fall so much despite the cold weather because everything looks so beautiful, the red and orange branches of trees look so lovely! Drinking hot chocolate and tea feels more special. And of course, dark bright lips - berry, mauve and plum colors are on trend. In addition to my new Arbonne lip products, I have more lipsticks in my collection that I love to wear during this season. 

Maybelline's Touch of Spice - I bought this in the summer but knew it would be really nice for fall. This is a rosy plum lipstick that has a really nice formula. I didn't expect this from a drugstore product, it's even better than some of my lipsticks from high end brands. It's so smooth that it glides on so well on the lips when being applied. This lipstick is also very pigmented and last few hours on the lips.

MAC's Captive- I have a special love for this lipstick because it's my first one from MAC! I asked a lady who works in the store for a fall lipstick and this is what she suggested. I don't hear many things about this lipstick but this is such a gorgeous color for autumn. It's a dark mauve pink lipstick that would suit everyone! The formula is satin finish, very pigmented and has a great wear time. 

MAC's Rebel - This is probably the most popular dark berry shade lipstick in the blogging world! I love this lipstick not because of the hype but because the color is really pretty and vivid. I'm not sure if it's only me, but it's not as dark as it appears to be in the tube when worn on the lips. It has a satin formula like Captive but Rebel has more sheen. It's very long lasting and  I love the stain it leaves as it fades. 

Buxom Menace Full Bodied Lipstick  - A dark berry-red lipstick , probably the darkest shade I have in my collection. I was scared to wear this lipstick at first but just like with my  bright lipsticks in the summer, I use the blotting technique to reduce the color intensity of this lipstick. It's really pigmented and has a glossy finish. It also lasts long and leaves a nice stain on the lips after many hours. 

MAC's Plumful- I think most of beauty bloggers have this in their lipstick collection. Honestly, I bought it because of the hype! lol When I swiped this in the store, it didn't look special but I still bought it anyway. It's pink plum color would look flattering on everyone. It has a lustre finish therefore, the pigmentation is different compared to Captive and Rebel but it feels more moisturizing. It's an everyday kind of lipstick.

plumful, captive, rebel, touch of spice
Sorry about these swatches, I can't get a clearer photo.

Here's some swatches for you. As you can see, Touch of spice and Captive are similar but the latter has more pink undertones, it also has a little bit of sheen. Rebel and Menace are actually darker in person. Plumful is the most comfortable color to wear. Luckily, none of these lipsticks dry out my lips.

Voila, these are some of my favourite lipsticks for fall. Are these in your collection yet? What are your current favourites?

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