The little things you can do!

We all have some days when we just feel so bored, down and lazy. Trust me, I know the feeling! I'm still in my pajamas up to the middle of the day because I just feel uninspired. Yikes! On occasions, nothing is really wrong in my current state of life but I still get that pity party mood and I feel that the whole world is against me. Oh the feeling of "my life is so mundane"!  LOL

BUT, here are five things that I find effective to get out of this misery:

1. Take a shower or a bath. A simple basic daily task but it makes a huge difference in one's everyday lifestyle. I make it a habit to take a shower right after waking up in the morning or after eating breakfast. It immediately wakes me up or put me in a good mood. Put those bath bombs or soaps you bought from Lush into use!

2. Eat something healthy and drink a big glass of water. Eating an apple or any kind of fruit can immediately make me feel better. I think that the psychology behind this is that I know I did something good for my body by eating something healthy hence it makes me feel better.

3. Meditate. Inner peace, where art thou? Usually, when you are stressed, you don't have inner peace. Based on my research, meditation helps improves brain functioning  and it reduces cortisol (body’s natural stress hormone) levels in our body and it decreases stress. It helps develop a positive mindset and optimism. Just what we need when we feel sad! Right? 

3. Listen to happy or relaxing songs.  If you find meditation hard, listening to songs could be an alternative. I try to listen to relaxing/instrumental music when I feel worn out. Some people might find this boring so you might want to go with happy up beat songs! Music is a sanctuary for some people.

4. Read  a book. A good book that will bring your mind into another world or anything that could catch your attention. Luckily, I still have books in my shelf I haven't had the chance to read. So, I have a lot of back-ups because one of my best-friends gave me some books for my birthday.  You can always borrow books at your local library.

5. NETFLIX. Yes, Netflix! Watching a good movie or an interesting show makes you forget why you are feeling blue, Right now, I'm so addicted to watching "The Mindy Project", Mindy's awesome, try to watch an episode, you'll love it. :) It's such a funny entertaining show.

It doesn't take much to make a day a little bit better. It's okay not to be okay, sometimes you need to allow yourself to feel bored and give yourself a break of feeling like "you can do everything", this gives you a chance to renew, feel inspired and vigorous again.

Have a great week ahead!

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