Summer Lipsticks (MAC edition)

Hi guys, sorry for being MIA but I am now back with a new post that MAC lovers would love. Here's a little collection of my MAC lipsticks for the summer. I'm pretty sure y'all heard about these lipsticks before and one of these should be in your collection because they are all so pretty! Without further ado, let's get to know each of them.

MAC lipsticks
Girl About Town (Amplified finish): This  is a bright pink fuschia lipstick with an obvious blue undertone. I find the shade of this lipstick quite bold so I wear this very carefully using the blotting technique to lessen the color intensity and also to avoid budging the lipstick. Just like my other MAC lipsticks with an amplified formula, it's very pigmented and creamy. It's such a lovely finish for a lipstick, applying it is such an easy chore. I think it's one of the most long lasting lipsticks I own because it can actually last all day. It also leaves such a pretty stain when it fades. 

Impassioned (Amplified finish): I talked about this vibrant lipstick in one one my previous posts "here" . It would be such a nice addition into your lipstick collection. I'm in love with the color of this lipstick. 

Crosswires (Creamsheen finish): This is actually my favourite MAC lipstick to wear during the summer. It's such a lovely coral pink shade with a very subtle golden sheen. It's not as bold as Girl About Town and Impassioned when worn but it's something different, more wearable than the two. I am absolutely sure that this will look good on both fair and dark-skinned girls. I couldn't think of anything negative about this product. It lasts pretty long  (4-5 hours) and also pigmented. It has a creamy formula and non-drying on the lips.

Ravishing (Creamsheen finish): Oh, "Ravishing", you're a bit tricky to wear. I really like the colour of this lipstick because it's the perfect peachy coral shade but I am not fond of the formula. It settles into the lip lines and accentuates dry lips. It's also not as opaque as "Crosswires" therefore, it has a tendency to look uneven on my pigmented lips. Regardless of some issues, my love for this lipstick triumphs all the negative factors. Just make sure to have a moisturized lips and it will be fine. 

 Hope this post helps you decide what lipstick to buy next time. Are any of these lipsticks part of your collection? 

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