30 days of Yoga Journey

Hi guys, it's Monday and you are probably already wishing for the weekend to come. Let's talk about something that you can add into your lifestyle to have a more positive mindset. One of my best-friends first introduced me to Yoga, we attended few classes and I learned the basics. What I love about yoga is that you only need a mat as an equipment or sometimes you don't need it at all. It can also be done anytime of the day. I love doing Yoga in the morning or before going to sleep. The feeling I get after a Yoga session is such a bliss to my body and mind. I don't practice it daily but I'm trying to make it a part of my lifestyle.

I want to share this challenge I'm about to take and I hope it also helps you. 30 Days of Yoga was started by Andrienne of "Yoga with Andrienne" on Youtube. She is amazing and really inspirational. I love watching her videos because she doesn't make yoga moves and poses complicated for us to follow. She also makes you feel at ease on her videos.


 I suggest starting with Yoga by watching videos if you don't have the budget to take classes. There are so many free videos on youtube you can watch. Or if you're a pro, I would really appreciate some tips. 

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