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Hello!Today's post won't be about make-up but about some updates I want to share with you. I am kind of sheepish having the title above for this post because I'm think no one would care about my life lately kind of posts. Don't get me wrong, I love this type of posts of other bloggers, they're actually one of my favorite topics to read especially if you're one of my most-liked bloggers. But I'm not sure if anyone would be interested on mine. :D By the way, the picture of flowers above are my anniversary flowers from my wonderful boyfriend. We recently celebrated our two years together :) Aren't they beautiful? 

Anyway, back to the topic, I am writing this post because I want to give you updates on some of my plans for my blog. When I first thought of starting my own blog, I had many things in mind. I didn't want it to be just entirely about beauty or make-up related stuffs. I am a person with many interest ( this is why I named my blog "A whole lot of serendipity", hoping I can find serendipity in many different things in life) and I can't really just focus on one topic. Now that I'm getting the hang of the photography part of blogging, not that I think I'm so good at it, but I believe that I improved on taking good pictures and editing,  I want to think of ways to improve my blog's contents. Blogging made me realize how bad of a writer I am!  (lol) I think I am overwhelmed with all the other well-spoken "witty" bloggers (I'm referring at you bloggers in the UK lol). Oh and also,  please forgive my grammatical errors, I am truly aware that I make mistakes. I re-read my posts and correct them. Sometimes, I just don't know how to properly construct sentences that will truly express what I want to say or write. I have some things planned out for my blog, I am not entirely sure how I'm going to execute them (sound so serious eh?) so there might be some changes from time to time.

My plan is to post two to three times per week as I want to take advantage of not having classes this summer. I plant to post things such as:
  • Weekly inspirations (Things that inspire me at the moment, Pinterest, Life lessons)
  • Beauty/Make-up ( My usual beauty favorites, hauls and products reviews)
  • Fashion (As much as I want to be a fashion blogger, I'm probably going to have the hardest  time to post about this topic because not only that I don't have many fascinating pieces in my  wardrobe but I don't really have anyone to take pictures. I can probably ask my sister  sometimes or maybe when my boyfriend becomes less of a busy-bee! Haha I'll try! )
  • Weekly life happenings and plans (I plan to share some life updates such as travels and my  whereabouts. I'm actually thinking of sharing some pictures from my Instagram as I tend to  posts some personal stuffs on my account.)

My long term plan is to switch from Blogger to Wordpress but I'm still doing some research about it. I made a blogger account because it's free and easier to use. I would really appreciate it if you know anything about Wordpress and kindly share it to me. Is it really better than Blogger?

This is it for now. Thank you for reading! Oh and I want to share you guys whom I listen to lately. Some of Ingrid Michaelson's songs can easily lift up my mood. :)


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