Hit and Miss Drugstore Haul

Like other ladies, I like to find some frugal options to expensive beauty products. I would like to shop more in stores like Holt Renfrew, Sephora and The Bay (similar to Macys' and Nordstrom) to add more higher-end or  mid-end beauty stuffs into my collection but I have a very limited fund (College student struggles). And of course, the perfect place to satisfy this frugality is in the drugstores hehe! Here in Canada, we have Shoppers Drug Mart,  Jean Coutu, Uniprix etc. where you can find beauty brands such as L'oreal and Maybelline that offers more affordable alternatives to higher-end beauty products. I also tend to only buy things from the drugstore when they are on sale to lessen my regret when a product fails to live up to my expectations. Anyway, without any more talk, let's get on my reviews on these:

Burt's Bees Lip Balm in Coconut and Pear $4.89-  I just recently finished a tube of my Burt's bees original lip balm and I needed a new one. Wrong decision guys! It doesn't do anything on my lips, this is the first time I didn't like a Burt's bees lip balm at all. My lips still tend to get dry during the spring/summer seasons ergo a good lip moisturizer is still a necessity. This one feels like it just sits on top of my lips and I don't feel any hydrating effect from it. This lip balm has a lovely scent, it smells like summer.

L'oreal Gentle Micellar Solution$12.99 - I initially bought this make-up remover because of the hype from other bloggers but I  don't get the fuss. It doesn't really remove my eye make-up. It removes eye shadows but not my eyeliner and mascara. It can only work if I wipe away the cotton on my eye lids and lashes multiple times but using it that way will irritate the skin because of the pressure. What's the point of it being supposed to be a gentle product if I have to use it in this manner?

Maybelline's Gel liner in Charcoal $11.99-  My current favourite eye liner is Maybelline's gel eye liner in dark brown, so when I saw this one on sale, I had to grab it! It's as amazing as the one I have, it has the same smooth formula and it lasts the whole day. Although, I heard some recent bad reviews about it, I really have a nice experience with this gel eyeliner, maybe because I don't have oily lids and I use an eye primer from Urban Decay. As you can see (picture below), the colour of this liner is black with a bit of silver sparkle. 

Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in Pomegrenate Punk $8.99 -  Many girls love the Colour Tattoo eye shadows collection because they have an incredible colour payoff (see picture below). "Pomegrenate" does not disappoint! The colour is so pretty, it's a shimmery burgundy red. It's probably more appropriate to wear in the fall or winter time but I bought it because it was on sale. The only problem with these eye shadows is that they dry out after a while of using them. Make sure to close the lid tightly so it won't get dry. I can also incorporate my other neutral eyeshadow with it to create a spring or summer look. I'm sure it will work. :)

That is all for my recent drugstore haul! Let me know if you ever tried these products before. I will try to post atleast once a week on my blog this month. Sorry guys, so busy with school! My last exam is on April 30. Hopefully, I'll find more time to blog on May because there are some things I want to share!

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