Why I'm excited for Spring!

Another season change is taking over, the weather is slowly getting warmer and days are getting longer.  Are you guys excited?  I love spring except the seasonal allergies I get at the time but nevertheless I still enjoy this lovely season every year. What are you guys excited about besides the warmer weather? I am excited about many things and here are some I am especially looking forward to:

Flowers and Trees -  One of my favourite part of spring is seeing how nature slowly blooms. I'm excited to see how trees become green again and find wild flowers that grows everywhere! I take pictures of every wild flowers I see during spring and summer. :D I really can't wait for spring to fully transpire!

Spring Fashion - Brighter and more vibrant colours would not be considered a fashion crime anymore. I feel more comfortable wearing pastel colours and floral patterns during the lighter seasons of the year. Also, who does not miss wearing flat shoes and sandals? I really can't wait to say goodbye to my boots!

I'm excited to wear these trainers I bought from H&M, one of my favourites fashion bloggers had a similar pair last year and I really liked how she styled them. I was lucky because it was the last pair of my size in the store. These shoes are so comfy!

End of semester - More time to do other things I love, such as reading novels, watching TV shows on Netflix and ofcourse blogging. School, oh I love school, I like going to school and learning things but I hate exams! Hopefully, I won't take a summer class this year, this depends if I work full-time or not.

Working full-time - Is it unusual that I look forward to this? I'm hoping to find a new job this spring or summer that is more related to my field of studies. *crossing my fingers* Working full-time just makes me feel more matured and I feel like I am actually stepping my feet into adulthood.

Wander in my own city - I love Montreal and our city has so much to offer. I love discovering new places and I will surely share things here on my blog. It was just really hard to take pictures during winter and it is usually a busy time for me because of school and working at the same time.

And to end this post, I want to share my new succulent plant. Isn't it beautiful? I passed by a flower shop last week to buy fresh flowers and saw this beautiful creature. It was a love at first sight!

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