The Red lipstick

I rarely wear red lipstick.  I have always been self-conscious when I wear one outside the house and I wish to be able to pull it off with confidence someday. Girls who wear it without fuss, I admire you! I don't own many red lipsticks, I only have 2 or 3 bullets in my make-up collection and the only red lipstick I like so far is "Russian Red" from Mac. Russian Red is a cult favourite among beauty bloggers. Is it worth the hype? In my opinion, it's a very nice red lipstick. I bought it in lieu of "Ruby Woo" because Ruby Woo has a really dry formula. This lipstick has a matte finish and very pigmented, the colour payoff is so rich! It has a slightly drier formula than Mac's Velvet Teddy which is also a matte lipstick. But don't worry, as long you put a lip balm beforehand, it will not cause your lips to chap. 

Russian Red is a classic deep red. Some gals say that this has a blue undertone but on my skin, it appears to have a neutral undertone. I love it because it's not too bold, wait, can a red lipstick be bolder than this? *haha* I don't think the colour is too intense when worn on the lips. 

What do you think of red lipstick? I really hope I'll be more comfortable to wear it outside, it really does make a statement especially when you're just wearing a simple outfit. I've seen some girls looking elegant and glamorous but I've also seen some unpleasant look with it.

Have a nice week guys, hope you're enjoying the beginning of Spring!

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