Winter Skin Essentials

Let's talk about my winter skin care warriors! As you might already know, I live in a very cold place, our temperature could go down to -30 to -40 ºC (feels like) which is really harsh for the skin even though we wrap ourselves with a lot of layers. Dry skin is inevitable, thus, using hydrating and moisturizing products is a must. Thankfully, I was able to find products that are affordable. 

These simple products help me combat the winter season:

Glysomed  Hand Cream Fragrance Free - This is such a budget friendly hand cream. I bought this for under 5$ and it amazingly moisturizes my hands. I've tried hand creams from Body Shop and L'Occitane and although they work really well on my hands too, their prices are quite expensive. I use hand cream so much during the winter and I could finish a tube or a bottle in a very short amount of time, therefore I looked for an alternative for these expensive products. Luckily, Glysomed hand cream was such a good choice, it has a quite thick formula and I personally like it. It provides an instant relief on my hands whenever I use it.

Complex 15 Daily Face Cream -  When it comes to facial moisturizer, I like it to be lightweight and this face cream absolutely provides a weightless feel on my skin. It was my first time using this product and I don't regret buying it. It moisturize my face well and didn't break me out. It applies nicely on the skin and makes a good base for a foundation to sit well on the skin. 

Body Shop Almond Body Butter -  I won't talk much about this body butter as I already did a review about it on one of my previous posts.  I used this body butter as my daytime moisturizer. 

Body Shop Shea Beautifying Oil - This is a multipurpose oil but I only really use it as a body oil. I love using it after taking a shower at night and when I get ready for bed. It keeps my skin soft all night and it smells amazing. Using this oil makes my night extra cozy. 

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm - My favorite lip balm/moisturizer of all time! I bought so many lip balms in the past and I always go back to this. It's the only lip balm that last a long time on my lips. One thing I really detest is having dry lips, I just think it makes a person looks unhealthy. This lip balm helps me avoid that. I also like using this prior to putting lipstick to protect my lips from drying. 

Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil - I randomly saw this facial oil at Walmart while shopping and I thought why not, it's not expensive! I always wanted to to try essential oils but find them expensive. I really want to try  Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair serum someday as I heard a lot of good reviews about it. But for now, this product will suffice because it is simply wonderful! I use this 2-3 times a week and I love it! If you wash your face thoroughly, put this oil on your face and SLEEP EARLY, I guarantee that you'll look radiant in the morning!

Although, these products are great, I believe that there are other factors such as diet and lifestyle that make a difference to our skin. I believe that if we don't have a healthy lifestyle, our skin will still suffer no mater what skin products we use. As I mentioned above, you'll look radiant in the morning using the facial oil but you'll only really get that effect if you sleep early or when you get a good sleep at night. What are your favorite skin care products?

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