Photo Diary : Into the winter.

How do you cope when life is busy? It's going to be my study break but it's sadly not going to be a relaxing week since I still have to go to work and there are more midterm exams coming up in March. So today, I decided to unwind and take a walk around the park with my siblings since the weather was quite nice (still cold but not very cold). It seems that winter won't be over soon so I guess we just have to deal with it whether we like it or not. And in order for us not to be grumpy about it, we gotta get out of the house and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.

It was also a great chance for me to take photos and practice using my new DLSR camera. I love photography, if you read my previous post, I mentioned that I always wanted to do something creative. Photography became something that I love to do last year. It really makes me happy taking pictures! I haven't really figured out how to shoot ideally with the "manual" option yet. I wanted to learn it because many people emphasize the importance of using the manual mode to get the best shots.

Here are some photos from solely using the "manual mode", excuse my amateur shots. 

As you probably noticed, I love taking pictures of trees. I think they are beautiful. Just look at those branches and their details! Such a natural form of art. One of my favourite things about winter is when pine trees are covered with snow, they just look so dreamy and makes winter extra special. Don't you agree? 

Hope you enjoyed this winter scenery. Have a great week ahead!

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