Winter Guilty Pleasure: Body Shop Body Butters

These body butters from Body Shop are on my list of guilty pleasures, they are my winter dry skin saviors! My skin gets really dry during the colder months and therefore moisturizing is a must! No one wants to have flaky skin right? Body butters usually have a thicker formula compared to body lotions, hence I don't really use them in the summer. These are quite expensive when you buy them on their regular prices, but Body Shop stores always have promotions going on. I got these for 50% off which is quite a deal considering that the regular price for one is 20$. Gladly, these  body butters moisturize my skin really well which I think, makes the prize really worth it! Now, let's talk about these goodies one by one. 

The Almond Body Butter is probably my favourite among all Body Shop's body butters! The reason why I love this so much is because of its divine scent. It smells like almond but not in a way that you wanna eat it. It has this subtle powdery and sweet smell which I find really pleasant. The texture of this is thicker compared to other Body Shop Body Butters with fruity scents. Although I'm not really sure if the texture makes a difference when it comes to moisturizing the skin, this one absolutely leaves my skin really soft. 

This is my first time trying Vanilla Brulee Body Butter, it came out as a special Holiday Collection. I simply love this body butter. It has an endearing smell like the Almond body butter. It smells sweet but not overpowering. I notice that this has a thicker formula compared to Almond Body Butter but I didn't notice any difference on their moisturizing power.  

I have tried a lot of Body Shop Body Butters and these two are my top picks this winter. I really enjoy using these and I just wish that the scents of these body butters linger on my skin a little longer.

Have a great week ahead! 

PS: I recently changed my blog into a custom domain. It kinda messed up my site but hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to fix some of the problems. 

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