Current Favourite Accessories - Tribal Bronzed

I love statement pieces that I can incorporate into my wardrobe. Accessorizing is important because it can make a supposed to be a dull outfit look more interesting. In my opinion, a girl should have at least one statement piece of jewelry, that detail you add into an outfit could make a difference!

I bought this necklace and these earrings from The Bay last Christmas when they were having a 30% off discount on their accessory collections. These ones are from the brand "Expression" and they offer a really good selection of accessories. I like the color of these accessories, I notice that bronze accessories do not seem to tarnish as quickly as gold or silver pieces, therefore, they'll stay in your collection for a while. I don't like keeping accessories that are already dull. I usually go for floral designs but  I think that the tribal designs on these costume jewelries are quite pretty, and I love that they don't look over the top.

          I hope you like this post. I'm a bit of a fashion enthusiast, although I know I need to improve on a lot of aspects. I want to start introducing fashion related topics on my blog too and  find a way to share things I love. Unfortunately, having a really cold winter here in Montreal makes it hard for me to take pictures of my outfit outside. In the meantime, I'll think about some ways to share this interest. Have a nice weekend! 

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