My current favourite masks.

Few months ago, I was shopping at Sephora for some make-up products. I was looking for something I can put on my face when I'm in a rush.  I wanted to try this new powder foundation from Bare Minerals. During that time, I thought my skin was pretty good. It was not flawless but I was acne free. A make-up consultant at Sephora helped me with the powder and told me that I really need to exfoliate my skin. Hahaha The problem about my skin was its dullness and it really needed some exfoliation. The powder didn't look nice on me because my face had patches of dead skin. I was aware that my skin was dull but I thought it was only because I've been sleeping late almost every night and maybe a good night sleep will fix it all.

My current favourite foundations from the drugstore.

I wanted to share these products with you guys because they're amazing. Lately, my skin has been really good to me that I don't really need to wear foundation, concealer and powder are good enough. But on days when I want to have a more flawless looking skin, I rely on these foundations.

A recap! I'm back (again)

Hi guys!  I finally had the chance to sit down and write something. As I like to think, life has been quite busy lately. Isn't it the best excuse of bloggers when they suddenly take a hiatus from blogging? Anyway, I go to school and work during the weekdays and my weekends are usually the days I spend time with my family. I also spend time with my boyfriend who is really busy during the week at work, therefore, weekends are our quality time.

Use less. Live more

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Hi guys, I said I'm going to be more active on the blog but there is a reason why I have not posted anything. I am in the process of organizing and decluttering things I own. Truthfully, I don't think I own a lot of stuffs in comparison to others. But I really want to remove unnecessary things.  In other words, just like what Marie Kondo stated from her book of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, "Get rid of things that do not spark joy".

La Maison Lavande

One fact about me: I love flowers with all my heart. One of my childhood "dreams" was to open a flower shop. 
We recently visited a lavender field called "Maison Lavande" which is around 40 minutes drive from Montreal. Thanks to my  who is always willing to do things with me despite his busy schedule.

The field was not comparable to those magnificent lavender farms you would see in Provence but it was also a delightful place to visit. Funny how my boyfriend was expecting the place to smell like lavenders but unfortunately, it didn't. Maybe there was not enough lavenders around to have an aromatic scent on the field.

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