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Hi guys! How are you? Is it too late to greet you a happy new year? I have been neglecting this blog for a while now now and I really feel bad about it. #lazyblogger  I have lots of ideas and plans for my blog but I have a scattered brain. It is true that when your mind is out of order, it's hard to make things happen. So this year, the things that are on top of my new year's resolution list are: ORDER, ORGANIZATION and DISPOSITION.

Fresh Skincare Treasures

Hi guys! Are you done with  your Christmas shopping yet? Do you wait last minute to do your shopping like me? It's really hard to think of what to give to the people special to you without overwhelming your wallet. Anyway, if you have someone who's into skincare, here is Fresh's Skincare Treasure to your rescue.

Facial Oils ( Jojoba and Vitamin E Oil) from Eden Semilla

I started using facial oils on my face few years ago and I really like them. I love using oils on my face especially during the colder months when my skin becomes drier because of the freezing weather. I had the chance to try some facial oils from Eden's Semilla. In my recent post, you know that I promised myself that I will take good care of my skin  consistency! They key on having a great skin is consistency. I like trying skin care products but I have the habit of being lazy at night and forget about them. In addition to my facial masks, I've been trying products that would work on my skin. These two facial oils (Vitamin E and Jojoba)  came at the perfect time! These are multi-purpose oils, which means they can be used not just as facial oil. You can use them for your hair and nails as well. Awesome right? I shared these products to my mom and she loves them!

My current favourite masks.

Few months ago, I was shopping at Sephora for some make-up products. I was looking for something I can put on my face when I'm in a rush.  I wanted to try this new powder foundation from Bare Minerals. During that time, I thought my skin was pretty good. It was not flawless but I was acne free. A make-up consultant at Sephora helped me with the powder and told me that I really need to exfoliate my skin. Hahaha The problem about my skin was its dullness and it really needed some exfoliation. The powder didn't look nice on me because my face had patches of dead skin. I was aware that my skin was dull but I thought it was only because I've been sleeping late almost every night and maybe a good night sleep will fix it all.

My current favourite foundations from the drugstore.

I wanted to share these products with you guys because they're amazing. Lately, my skin has been really good to me that I don't really need to wear foundation, concealer and powder are good enough. But on days when I want to have a more flawless looking skin, I rely on these foundations.

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